What is holistic trauma-informed care?

Holistic care means we view our clients as whole persons with mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and relational lives that exist within a social and cultural context.

These aspects of the human being all interact, intersect and affect one another and cannot be fully addressed in isolation.

Trauma-informed means that throughout diagnosis and treatment,  we are mindful that traumatic events may lie at the root of your symptoms. As we work with you, we are ready to address the underlying causes of what might be troubling you, rather than just the symptoms (which may be considerable).

Healing-Centered means that our symptoms, suffering or past traumas do not define us. Each of us have strengths, gifts, abilities, and internal resources that can be called upon and nurtured to guide us into a meaningful and fulfilling future. Together, we will honor, name and call upon your strengths as well as acknowledging and working deeply through those areas of your life that bring you pain.